Meet Our In-Office Staff

We contract with a diverse range of software engineers, IT professionals, web developers, and other specialists. Our dedicated staff is your initial contact point with the Triceratops network and will connect you with the right expert to meet your needs. 

Griff Masters | Executive Director

Griff is currently the executive director at Triceratops Tech.  Before founding the company, he taught math classes, tended bar, and worked on software for organizations of every conceivable size, from volunteer-led community groups to  Now he is actively involved in designing client solutions and loves cutting through complex problems to zero in on how to make somebody’s life better. Outside of the office, he’s often kayaking through every tidal mudflat in the South Puget Sound. 

Azure Sensabaugh | Program Coordinator

Azure does website design, grant-writing, and other administrative support for the Triceratops Technology team. She hails from Oregon and recently graduated from Reed College, where she developed her skills in research design, data collection, and statistical analysis in quantitative psychology. Outside work, she is constantly thinking about music and human behavior, and she enjoys escaping into the worlds of video games and fantasy books